This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version.

With our last release we’ve started sharing what the current work in progress for Kanbanize is and this release is not going to be any different. Below is what we are up to, feel free to comment or suggest improvements, that would be timely and appreciated!

1. Recurring Policies 2

With the current version (4.5) we’ve released the recurring update feature. The logical continuation of our efforts in this direction is to add the recurring create policy. We plan to have that available by the end of March along with the basis of a new much more flexible architecture for the card details which would allow us to open and modify cards without loading up the entire board first.

2. Ongoing Ground Work for the Custom Dashboards

As the title infers, this is continuous and ongoing work to prepare the basis for the custom dashboarding functionality. As the dashboards in Kanbanize will entirely depend on the advanced facility to retrieve data from, we need to enhance the search to support multiple criteria first. This means that you would be able to search by multiple boards, projects, assignees and not just one as you can today. We plan to start with this at the end of March and proceed with it throughout April.

3. Proof of Concept for Improved Email Integration

Email is the way we do business today and that’s not a secret to anyone. We at Kanbanize have always understood the importance of a great email integration and we have done some great things in the past. Now is the time to revise the old implementation and think about improvements. That is why we are experimenting with some new technology that may improve the way we integrate email into Kanbanize. We are optimistic about the end result, but this is still a very early stage POC and it will take some time before we get something tangible out.

4. Proof of Concept for Real-time Messaging and Collaboration Improvements

This one is big and could easily turn into a core feature in Kanbanize: real-time instant messaging, screen-sharing, VoIP, attachments management, calendar, meetings and this is just the start. Having all that goes through a heavy and time-consuming integration, which may or may not go live, but we want to keep you posted with everything that we do, hence the heads up. If everything goes right and the integration is successful, your minds will just explode, so stay tuned for more!

To end with, there’s a lot of greatness on our radar and we will do whatever it takes to transform our vision into a product like no other. We will keep up the good work and with our now expanded team, we will push to deliver even more new things in the future.

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