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The custom fields in Kanbanize give you great flexibility and allow you to extend the details of your Kanban cards without any practical limit. In this article we will cover the functionality as well as some common use-cases. First the basics.

Adding Custom Fields to a Board

Custom fields are available on a per board level, but you can also share them between projects. To define a custom field, go to Board Settings, accessible from the menu icon in the list of boards in your Main Dashboard. Access the Manage Boards tab in order to choose what kind of custom field to add to this particular project’s boards.

kanbanize custom fields

To define a custom field, enter a name for it based on what you will track there (e.g. Customer, Price), choose the data type (Text, Date, Number, Contributor, Link, Dropdown), enter default value if you need it and click the button to confirm the selection.

Field Name:
The name of the field referring to what is being tracked there.

Field Types:

  • Text – suitable for inputtig text values, since each text input will vary, it is more difficult to get analytics from this type of custom field. However, you can easily track emails in this custom field and then send custom email notifications to all the email addresses in your custom fields. Find out more about how to do this in our article on custom email notifications in Kanbanize.
  • Date – suitable for deadlines or start dates
  • Number – anything represented by a number (charts can be drawn based on this field value)
  • Contributor – represents another user in the account. Could be a second assignee or a role like (QA, PM, Auditor, Doc Writer, etc.)
  • Link – field to contain URLs (will be clickable)
  • Dropdown – A field that allows you to choose among pre-defined values.

Default Value:

If your field will always have a single constant value you can define it here and avoid changing it for every task.


If a field is mandatory, it will be present on each new task you create and it will not be removable.

Using Custom Fields in the Kanban Cards

When you add custom fields to a Kanban board, they will appear as choices in the Custom Fields panel in each task. If you want to add one to the task just click the white plus sign and select it.

Custom Fields 1

If you want to see the custom fields and their values as part of the cards even when they are closed on the board, go to the task settings panel and choose “Configure Task View” and select to include custom fields:

Custom fields 3

This option allows you to see the custom field displayed as part of the closed card on the board similarly to the Reporter custom field visible on the card displayed in the Requested column in the image above.

Custom Fields – Analytics

Having the custom fields in the task is good way to store data, but sometimes you will want to know how much time is spent on tasks with field X, or what the distribution by field Y is. To do so, you can use the Cycle Time and Distribution charts.

Custom Fields GRAPH FIX2

To filter the results visible on the Cycle Time chart, simply choose the field you have in mind and then select its value. Only the tasks matching this filter will remain visible on the chart (please note that this is not a search query, but rather a filter). A good use-case here would be “Cycle Time per Customer”, “Cycle Time per Project”, etc.

Custom Fields GRAPH FIX1

With the distribution chart you can slice the data by custom field. For example, if you want to know what the task distribution by customer is, you can do that. You can also view the logged time per custom field (Logged time per project), elapsed time per custom field (elapsed time per customer), cumulative size per custom field, etc.

If you have questions about this functionality, please leave them in the comments section below.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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