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The Kanban cards (also known as tasks) are the most essential parts of Kanbanize. They represent the workable items to be processed using the Kanban method. Let us quickly cover some of the most important topics when working with tasks:

How do you create a new card?

The first way to make a task card on your board in Kanbanize is using the + NEW CARD in the top right corner of you board interface.

Working with tasks 1

The second way to create a task in a particular column is by right clicking or double clicking anywhere on the board, then choosing Create Card Here. You can even make cards in this way between two existing ones on the board if you’d like the order to be different.

Working with tasks 2

How do you move a task in Kanbanize?

To move a task, just drag and drop it to the new position. You can also move tasks between boards via the context menu. The drag and drop motion is displayed in the image below to show how the board reacts when a card is moved frmo its original location.


How do you work with the context menu of each task?

Quite often, you will be working with the context menu of a card in order to update a card. Just right click on any task and you will see the rich functionality that the context menu provides.


How do you add card details to your new work item?

If you click on the task id, or if you double click on any part of the card you will open the card details, where all of the information about the task is displayed (subtasks, comments, history, metrics, links, etc).

kanbanize - add card details

Can I select more than one card at a time?

If you want to batch move or update several tasks at a time you can select multiple cards by dragging a rectangle area around the tasks or holding the control on your keyboard and clicking on the tasks.

working with tasks6

Happy Kanbanizing!

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2 thoughts on “Working with Tasks

    1. Monica Georgieff


      you can set up a board filter that shows only the cards that are assigned to a certain user on the board while that filter is active.
      However, if a user has permissions to a board, he or she will see everything that goes on in that board (at least view).
      Does that answer your question? I can help clarify a bit more 🙂 Let me know!

      Happy Kanbanizing


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