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We are glad to announce that as of version 3.6 we have a new report available for all customers – Worklog per Person. Kanban software that does time tracking and reporting is quite cool, isn’t it?

The report shows an aggregated view of the time logged per each of the users, for a given period of time. The report also allows you to aggregate the entries per day, to exclude weekends and to highlight entries that don’t seem right. On top of that, you are also able to export all the data in Excel.

This is how the report looks in Kanbanize:


Selecting people to include in the report

To choose who you want to include in your report, expand the Author dropdown and mark the users to appear in the report. By default, all users will be included.

Selecting a time frame to report on

If you want to see the time logged today or last week, just expand the Date dropdown and choose the range you are interested in. If you prefer custom dates, choose “Range” and then Begin date and End date.

Highlight entries

Sometimes you might be interested in entries that don’t seem right. For example if you always expect people to log 8 hours per day, you may want to highlight entries that don’t meet this criterion. If you check the “Mark users who logged less than X hours” option, the report will automatically highlight the entries with yellow color. Respectively, the report will mark with blue the entries which meet the “Mark users who logged more than X hours” criterion. If you are interested in the total amounts of time (e.g. 40 hours per week), choose the time range that you are interested in and check the “Mark users who logged more/less than X hours per period” option.

Aggregate per day

Use this option to generate a time sheet for the entire team or just for yourself. It will check how much time has been logged each working day for the entire period. If no time is logged the report will show 0. This option is handy if you have smooth distribution of the workload and you expect time to be logged each day.

Exclude weekends

This one is self-explanatory, but still a few words won’t hurt. The exclude weekends option ignores time logged during weekends. It makes sense to use this option if you aggregate the log entries per day and your work week is standard (Monday – Friday).


We hope you’ll enjoy our new premium report and will share feedback with us!

Happy Kanbanizing!

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