Why would you need custom integrations?

The IT landscape in an enterprise consists of multiple interconnected systems and the addition of a new application affects them in one way or another. To accommodate the needs of our enterprise customers, we offer professional services packages, which make it possible to integrate Kanbanize with your existing IT ecosystem and, by that, increase the return on investment significantly.



What kind of systems get integrated with Kanbanize?

The most common custom integration scenarios involve in-house ticketing systems, existing workflow applications or various specialized software tools, which entirely depend on the business that you are in.



How does the process work?

Based on the requirements, we could tackle the integration in a virtual team or also fly experts to your office, where you work together to plan and execute all activities necessary.



How long does it take to finalize the integration?

The answer to this question depends on the actual scope, but the time frame would vary between 2 and 10 business days.


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