Kanban for Software Development

DevOps Kanban boards enable software developers to easily visualize just about any software process and they can be implemented without making major changes to an existing organization structure.

Kanban for software development

The Kanban method was derived from the lean manufacturing techniques developed by Japanese automakers in the 1940s. In fact, Kanban is a Japanese word meaning “signboard” — a testament to the visual nature of Kanban boards.

Kanban Software Development Tools from Kanbanize

Kanbanize offers easy-to-use visual management software that enables software developers to apply lean manufacturing processes to their work. Using Kanban for DevOps will help you more efficiently design your workflow and improve collaboration between your team members. 

Our software includes intuitive Kanban boards that enable you to quickly spot inefficiencies in your software development processes. You can also easily modify a process or task at any stage of the software development process.

Using Kanban for Software Maintenance

Our software can also be used for maintenance projects. In addition to corrective maintenance, Kanbanize software enables you to take performance improvement steps to cope with changes in the software environment. You will also be able to implement preventive measures that can increase software maintainability.

Key Kanbanize Software Features and Benefits

In addition to the intuitive, user-friendly Kanban boards, our software includes advanced runtime policies that facilitate board management. It will help you and your team improve the organization of all work processes. You will also notice a significant improvement in the level of collaboration amongst team members, project managers and stakeholders.

Other key features include time tracking so you can quickly determine how every process development hour is being spent, email integration to enable you to create a new task with a simple email forward, and an analytics module that allows you to gather and review a wide variety of key performance metrics.

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