Kanban for SaaS

With Kanban you get access to a wide range of features that can help your team boost its productivity by as much as 300 percent for SaaS organizations.

Kanban for IT SAAS

Are you a developer of software as a service? Kanban for SaaS is an extremely effective project management tool that will provide enhanced visualization of SaaS development tasks to help you more efficiently design your workflow and improve collaboration among your team members. Our SaaS digital Kanban software is modeled on the Kanban method, enabling you to apply lean principles to your work.

Overview of Software Features

Comprehensive Kanban boards that make spotting process inefficiencies fast and easy, while allowing for modification at every project step

Kanban card links that enable you to break large tasks down into more manageable steps — a major benefit when juggling multiple projects

Seamless email integration that simplifies task development and even enables you to create cards via email

Automated runtime policies that simplify the Kanban board management process

Time tracking and reporting so you’ll know where every hour of SaaS project development time is going

– Analytics module that will collect all relevant data while giving you access to KPIs and other metrics so you can determine the success of your projects

Kanban for SaaS Can Be Applied to Virtually Any Industry

Companies in a wide range of industries are discovering the advantages of using Kanban for SaaS development. Examples include video game production, investment banking, media and fast food, among others. Kanbanize software is easy to use and can be scaled to the size and scope of your software development projects. It’s also suitable for any team within your organization.

You Can Try Kanban for SaaS Without Risk

A great way to find out if Kanbanize software is compatible with your SaaS software development process is to take it for a test drive. Our trial offer allows you use of our software on a completely risk-free basis. There are no time constraints to worry about. You get up to one thousand events at no cost — a number sufficient for most small software development projects. Contact us to get started today!

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