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Kanbanizing the Lean and Agile Consulting for optimal results

JPhome-kanban case study


Jerónimo Palacios & Associates are leaders in Training of Agile Methodologies, specializing in Scrum and Kanban. In their training offer, apart from the certified Scrum and Kanban training, they also have Management 3.0 and workshops on product management, graphic facilitation, and work management techniques. The wide variety of activities and clients they are supporting required an easy way to gain a general vision of their company.

Before Kanbanize

Before Kanbanize, everyone used their own work management tool. As a team, they used the calendar, physical agendas (planners), or the mail to organize themselves as a group.

When they decided to implement Kanbanize, they had the strategic objective of ensuring sustainable growth as a business. They wanted to be able to manage the work in a way that is comfortable and transparent for the entire organization.

Key Results

Jerónimo Palacios & Associates uses Kanbanize to organize their training preparation, work for clients, administration, the process of publication of materials, etc. Our software helps them improve internal coordination, work more quickly, and maintain a true Kanban process, with some of the key results being: 

Improved Efficiency Through Real-Time Visualization

Implementing Portfolio Kanban through Kanbanize, the company gained visibility of the work of all teams and all projects in progress. With this new level of transparency, they improved their planning and started using real-time data for their performance evaluations. Furthermore, with Kanbanize, they started visualizing all phases of the work process that caused delays. The possibility to include a deadline and establish a business rule that reminds them of upcoming due dates eliminated the possibility of forgetting something.

Visualizing and automating their workflow, Jerónimo Palacios & Associates improved their overall performance. JP training

Managing Work From Anywhere

Being a distributed team, it was crucial for everyone at Jerónimo Palacios & Associates to be able to manage their work regardless of their location. With projects and tasks visualized on the digital Kanban boards of Kanbanize, everyone had instant access to the information, which greatly facilitated communication and exchange of data.

Better Flow Tracking

Automating most of their processes and gathering data about their performance allowed Jerónimo Palacios & Associates to make their work process more predictable and also to understand and track their flow in a better way.


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