Kanban Library: Dimitar Karaivanov's Picks

The most significant books in the shelves of one of our Kanbanizer-in-Chiefs.
  • Lean from the Trenches

    “Lean from the Trenches” by Henrik Kniberg

    You know the Agile and Lean development buzzwords, you’ve read the books. But when systems need a serious overhaul, you need to see how it works in real life, with real situations and people. Lean from the Trenches is all about actual practice. Every key point is illustrated with a photo or diagram, and anecdotes bring you inside the project as you discover why and how one organization modernized its workplace in record time.


  • The Toyota Way

    “The Toyota Way” by Jeffrey K. Liker

    The Toyota Way is the first book for a general audience that explains the management principles and business philosophy behind Toyota’s worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. Complete with profiles of organizations that have successfully adopted Toyota’s principles, this book shows managers in every industry how to improve business processes.


  • Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation

    “Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation” by James P. Womack & Daniel T. Jones

    The authors begin by summarizing the five inherent principles in any lean system and describe in detail how managers in a wide range of companies and industries – small, medium and large, North American, European, and Japanese – transformed their business by applying the principles of lean thinking.


  • Leadership & Self-Deception

    “Leadership & Self-Deception” by The Arbinger Institute

    Through a story everyone can relate to about a man facing challenges on the job and in his family, the authors expose the fascinating ways that we can blind ourselves to our true motivations and unwittingly sabotage the effectiveness of our own efforts to achieve success and increase happiness. Read this extraordinary book and discover what millions already have learned—how to consistently tap into an innate ability that dramatically improves both your results and your relationships.


  • Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

    “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” by Chip Heath

    Why do some ideas thrive while others die? And how do we improve the chances of worthy ideas? In Made to Stick, accomplished educators and idea collectors Chip and Dan Heath tackle head-on these vexing questions. Inside, the brothers Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick and explain ways to make ideas stickier, such as applying the “human scale principle,” using the “Velcro Theory of Memory,” and creating “curiosity gaps.”



    “Lean Software Development with Kanban” by Me

    I recently wrote a short ebook about the story of Kanbanize and how we have applied the principles of Kanban to our software development process in order to make it Lean. The results we managed to achieve were amazing – upwards of 300% efficiency improvement! We know this will work for other teams as well so we made our journey available to others who want to remove the waste from their processes and optimize their resources. Download Lean Software Development with Kanban from this page.