Kanban Library: Klaus Leopold's Picks

Some of my own original work as well as some other food for thought.
  • Kanban Change Leadership

    “Kanban Change Leadership” by Klaus Leopold

    This book provides an understanding of what is necessary to properly understand change management with Kanban as well as how to apply it optimally in the workplace. The book emphasizes critical aspects, several traps which users repeatedly fall into, and presents some practical guidelines for Kanban change management to help avoid these traps.


  • Using Blocker Clustering, Defect Clustering, and Prioritization for Process Improvement

    ARTICLE: “Using Blocker Clustering, Defect Clustering, and Prioritization for Process Improvement” by Klaus Leopold & Troy Magennis

    “Teams use kanban boards to visualize work and track progress during the development process. When work gets delayed (it’s blocked), it is of particular interest to look for ways to decrease cycle time and improve the smooth flow of work by resolving the causes of that delay…”
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  • Kanban and its Flight Levels

    ARTICLE: “Kanban and its Flight Levels” by Klaus Leopold

    “Before you start with Kanban it is important to decide where you want to embed it in the overall organizational context. Sounds like an easy question, however, I learned that it is not always so easy to answer – especially in bigger organizations. Therefore, I developed the Kanban flight levels model which helps me to communicate the different fields of application of Kanban…”
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  • Why Kanban and its Flight Levels?

    ARTICLE: “Why Kanban and its Flight Levels?” by Klaus Leopold

    “The core of Kanban comprises four principles and six practises. Neither in the principles nor in the practices is it written that they are applied to teams. David Anderson even quite specifically says that with Kanban he always has in mind optimizing the service delivery along the value chain and never the improvement of individual teams…”
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