Card Types & Templates

For the times when you're dealing with similarly structured tasks.

  1. Project Settings

    In your main dashboard, navigate towards the project menu where you can manage your Types and Templates on a per project basis through the dedicated tabs. Types are used to categorize work while templates are used to quickly create complex tasks with predefined attributes and/or subtasks. 
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  2. Create or Edit Types

    In the dedicated Manage Types tab you can add new types on the project level and assign them to any project in your account. In the description, you can elaborate about when the type is relevant so that other users in the account know in which situations to use it. Through the same tab, the users with access can also edit existing types. 
    Kanban visual workflow

  3. Create or Edit Templates

    In the dedicated Manage Templates tab in the project settings, you can add new templates for task cards in order to cut the time it takes to set up all their attributes. The attributes you set within the template will be consistent in the task cards for which that template is defined. 
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  4. Set Personal Board Settings

    In your Personal Board settings in the grid menu you can even define a default template for that particular board. For example, if my board will host only tasks of a certain kind, I can set a default template to take care of the card fields that will stay consistent through all or most tasks.
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