Adding Custom Fields to Cards

Create custom fields for your cards depending on the requirements of your project or task.

  1. Enter the Project Menu in the Main Dashboard

    To make a custom field, go to the gear menu in the project dashboard of your Kanbanize account.
    Kanban visual workflow

  2. Add New Custom Field on the Project Level

    In the dedicated tab, you can name a new field, choose its type (ex. contributor, drop down, numbers, etc.) and add it on the project level.
    Kanban visual workflow

  3. Add New Custom Field to Individual Boards

    Add the custom field to individual boards to make it visible in the Manage Boards tab of the same panel.
    Card links

  4. Making a Custom Field Mandatory

    Making it mandatory on the board level means that it will come up on all the new cards made on the board from now on and can be rearranged within the card.
    Card links

  5. Add the New Custom Field to a Template

    You can also add custom fields to the task templates available on a given board using the Templates tab.
    Card links

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