Setting up Search & Filters

The Search is one of the most powerful assets of our tool. Use it to filter and present your data.

  1. Keyword Search

    At the top of your board is the Search Panel. Don’t let the familiar icon fool you, the search in Kanbanize is much more powerful than other searches you may have encountered. The most common scenario is the keyword search through all projects and boards including their task descriptions, subtasks and comments. The result is shown in a table view with graphic elements for faster and visual perception.
    kanbanize search filters

  2. Sorting

    If a search outcome leads to showing too many cards, sort them out by just clicking on the title of the desired field and changing the order as you like. Sorting by tasks IDs would mean that chronologically the newest tasks should be at the top.
    Kanban visual workflow

  3. Refine Search Criteria & Configure Results

    Sometimes, the right information is a combination of tasks that match a pattern. This can be achieved with the Refine Search Criteria panel where you select and add fields to narrow down your search results. To extract and present only the details that you are interested in, use the “Configure Results” button on your search panel where you can precisely show/hide the required fields from the tasks.
    Kanban visual workflow

  4. Options and Remember your Search

    At the bottom of your search panel you can configure the main search streams such as: only the currently existing tasks on the boards, through the archived ones and/or searching into the subtasks details.We provide the option to set up your criteria and results view just once and then save it for later frequent usage. This lets you easily load your custom search criteria and execute it to receive the required information in the right format and details.
    Card links

  5. Export in Excel

    You can even export the custom search to an Excel file and use the data to generate your custom reports, scorecards, charts or anything else that you want to measure.
    Card links

Powerful, right? Try it yourself for free now!

The trial account in Kanbanize provides access to all features in the system with almost no restrictions. During the 30-day trial period you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment.
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