Kanban Boards

Your board is your temple for all important project tasks.

  1. Kanban Boards

    The Kanban Board hosts all tasks of a project and helps you apply the Kanban method to the way you work. You can tweak a board to suit your needs using colours, by setting up limits and making categories within the Done, Requested and In Progress sections.
    Kanban visual workflow

  2. Columns

    By editing your board, you can change what the sub categories of your columns represent. The columns will define how your cards move across the board and what phases they must pass through in order to be considered complete.
    Kanban visual workflow

  3. Swimlanes

    Swimlanes are the horizontal sorting agents of your board. They separate your board into quadrants and your cards based on priority or type. You can even collapse them to keep your view from becoming cluttered.
    Card links

  4. Limits

    One of the most important principles of Kanban imposes limits on the number of tasks that can occupy a certain column at a time. Set them up correctly once and you will find your work habits continuously improve.
    Runtime policies

  5. Filters

    Board filters help you modify your view so you have control over what you want to see at a given point in time. This helps keep clutter away and lets you get specific. Access them through the grid menu on the right of any board and change the settings to suit them to your needs.
    Runtime policies

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