Links Between Cards

Card linking helps you easily group together several cards which are related to one another.

  1. Start in the Links Tab of Each Card

    To get starting on building links between your related cards, open up a card and click on the Links tab in the right corner of your tab bar. Each card will have this but the information within will be based on what links exist to it in other project boards, columns or swimlanes.
    Kanban visual workflow

  2. Types of Links

    Kanbanize supports several types of connections a user might choose in order to create relationships between different cards. Card linking helps you easily group together those cards that are related to one another and to form hierarchies between tasks.
    Kanban visual workflow

  3. Parent/Child/ Relative Cards

    The Parent/Child relationship gives you more advanced control over related tasks. You can track their individual or cumulative metrics and break up a larger task for more clarity. A task can have only one parent but an unlimited number of children. The relative task looks similar to a child but does not show hierarchy between the two linked cards. Relative cards are of the same priority as the parent card.
    Card links

  4. Monitor the Cumulative Logged Time for Linked Cards

    Sometimes a card is just part of a bigger picture. In these cases, we need to establish a parent/child relationship to track and monitor the whole process. Connecting cards using the parent/child relationship allows you to track their cumulative logged time if you need to by using the metrics tab on either of the cards.

  5. Visualize the Relationship Between Cards

    You can visualize the hierarchical relationship between your linked tasks through the dedicated tab in the analytics section of each board. This is a great way to manage a task and its relevant connections.
    Timetracking reports

  6. Shortcut to Linking Cards

    There is a handy shortcut for linking your cards. Just go to the settings menu on your card, select Link/Copy, choose a relationship for the card that will be created in connection to the original and choose which column or swimlane you would like to see it created in.
    Kanban visual workflow

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