Setting Up Email Integration

Hook your email client to a board in Kanbanize and watch the magic happen.

  1. What is Email Integration?

    Transform your Kanban board into a flexible ticketing system with a simple email forwarder. Hook up an email address to a project board in Kanbanize and watch your messages become Kanban cards that get updated every time someone replies.
    setting up email integration kanbanize

  2. Go to the Administration Panel

    Only users with Administrator access can set up email integration for boards in the account.
    1. Go to your Administration Panel.
    2. Click the final Email Integration tab on the list.
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  3. Add New Receiver: Kanbanize Email Address

    You can choose to add a Kanbanize email address with a custom identifier as a receiver in order to skip setting up forwarding separately. Read the step-by-step instructions here.
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  4. Add New Receiver: Registered Email Address

    You can choose to add a registered email address from user management (eg. personal account, company account) as a receiver in the email integration and then set up forwarding through the separate email client.  Read the step-by-step instructions here.
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  5. For Support & Helpdesk

    To set up a support board to receive all messages from any email as cards in Kanbanize: 1. Register an email address e.g in User Management. 2. Set default board to indicate where cards should be made. 3. Set up a forwarding action from to Kanbanize.
    Read the step-by-step support use case here.
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  6. Automatically Update Card Over Email

    With email integration, this automation runtime policy can automatically create cards, update cards, and move cards. For example, you can set it up to move a card to the “Follow Up” column when a customer replies to an email and the email is registered with a default board. Let us show you how to set up the policy.
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  7. @Mentions Email Updates

    When an account user is mentioned (e.g @helen or @monica) in a card description, comment or title, they receive an email notification. With email integration, the notification becomes an actionable message that you can respond to directly through a reply e-mail. This reply will be recorded in the comments of the card in which they were mentioned. Read more about this feature here.
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  8. Advanced Email Integration

    You can also create cards and update card properties manually using the subject and body of your emails. Let us show you how to configure the parameters manually.
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