After eight years of implementing project and portfolio management with Kanban, one of our most trusted partners, Teodora Bozheva from Berriprocess Agility, decided to document the key concepts and steps to follow so that you can apply them successfully in your organization.

kpppm model



The purpose of this guide is to respond to the needs of organizations that manage projects, programs, and portfolios to deliver value to their customers quickly and sustainably and continually adapt and thrive in a changing context.

What Is It About?

The guide introduces the Kanban principles and practices suitably adjusted to the specifics of project management. They have been validated in real-world contexts to facilitate the development and delivery of products and results, tangible or intangible, that meet both customer and user expectations and the organization's business objectives.

Who Is It For?

This guide is intended for the following profiles and roles in an organization*:

  • Portfolio Managers who ensure that the set of programs and projects they manage focus on delivering on the organization's strategy.
  • Program Managers whose responsibility is to ensure that each project that is part of the program or initiative delivers value at the right time and that projects are executed in a synchronized manner and aligned with business objectives.
  • Project Managers whose work is focused on meeting the project objectives and satisfying the quality expectations of the products and services delivered with the resources available to them within the deadline and budget agreed with the customer.
  • Project team members and anyone interested in knowing and applying the principles and practices of project management with Kanban.

Before you download the guide, we advise you to watch the panel discussion between Teodora Bozheva and Dimitar Karaivanov below. Teo and Dimitar have been working on innovative project management ideas for years now. They are both passionate about finding new project management ways and sharing them with the world. We hope you will enjoy the video!