The Essential Guide to Lean and Agile Marketing with Kanban

Is your marketing team dealing with too many tasks at once? Hustling to meet tight deadlines? Having a hard time reacting to changes from stakeholders? The principles of the Lean & Agile methodologies and the Kanban method can help any marketing team tackle these common marketing process challenges and go full throttle.


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An industry guide for marketers who want to make the most of their resources, increase responsiveness to change, keep up with fast-paced projects and increase the visibility between marketing and other departments. We are sharing everything we’ve learned about setting up and running a Lean & Agile Marketing team in sections that contain:

  • Why the traditional marketing process is holding marketers back from their full potential
  • How the principles of Lean & Agile can promote a stable, flexible and efficient marketing process
  • Ways applying the Kanban method to increase visibility between team members and other departments as well as to improve responsiveness to change
  • How to implement Kanban in your marketing organization
  • Interviews with industry experts and thought leaders in Lean & Agile Marketing
  • Step-by-step case studies of successful marketing implementations of Kanban

We’ve seen Lean and Agile Marketing transform chaotic, unreliable marketing teams into consistent, powerhouse marketing teams firsthand, in the organizations of Kanbanize customers and in large enterprises we admire. So, let’s talk about why Lean & Agile marketing and the Kanban method are the future of this industry’s process.

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