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  • Flow-based development instead of Iterations

    Flow-based development does not make you waste time on planning or estimation. The only goal is to get the next work item of high priority out the door as quickly as possible.

  • Visualize work to make problems visible

    Kanban is a visual approach which was first used by TOYOTA as an effective scheduling system. Kanban has proven to work exceptionally well in software development, as a way to visualize work and surface problems.

  • Focus on cycle time not on velocity

    In Kanban velocity is not a factor, because it is really hard to predict or manage it. strongInstead, Kanban only emphasizes on cycle time and provides the mean to decrease it.

  • Make economically viable decisions

    With the suggested Kanban implementation, you can make economically viable decisions and prioritize your backlog in a visual and automated manner. You only need to take care to capture your ideas and the system will do the rest.

  • Smaller Batch Sizes for maximum efficiency

    Limiting the work allowed in each of your workflow steps makes sure that you only work with smaller batches. Smaller batches reduce risk and improve your economics, because you invest less money but you get quick results.

  • Discover and manage queues in your workflows

    Queues are the single most important factor that contributes to higher cycle times. Implementing the Kanban method you can track queues and the time work items spend in queues. Managing those queues will eliminate over 50% of your wait times and will make you much faster.

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