Kanban for Media Companies

Kanbanize is user-friendly software that has been implemented by many different types of media operations.

Kanban software for IT Media

What Types of Media Companies Can Benefit From Kanban Software?

While Kanban is primarily thought of as a valuable inventory control tool in lean management and similar operations, its use is now gaining traction in many other industries. One example is media companies’ interest in the Kanban method. Kanban for media companies can benefit print, visual and virtual media operations. Examples include publishing houses, television and radio stations, and networks and websites. Because of the fluid nature of the media business, media outlets need a flexible software solution that enables fast responses to the rapidly changing scheduling priorities that they experience on a regular basis. Kanbanize software provides the tools that media companies need to remain productive and relevant.

Key Kanbanize Features and Benefits

Kanbanize includes a set of Kanban boards that make it easy to detect scheduling issues and other inefficiencies. These boards can be modified at any point, enabling you to adapt quickly to changing conditions. Kanbanize is also equipped with card links that allow you to effectively balance multiple priorities. Kanbanize’s runtime policies can automate your processes to maximize your efficiency.

Kanbanize offers you instant access to a wide range of analytics that can serve as an extremely valuable measurement tool. In short, Kanbanize helps you visualize your workflow and optimize your resources.

Why Choose Kanban Instead of Scrum for Your Media Company?

Many media companies are choosing Kanban over Scrum for a number of valid reasons. Kanban provides the continuous delivery that is essential in most media environments, in opposition to Scrum’s time-boxed sprints. Kanban also allows changes to be made at any time, while Scrum does not permit changes in mid-sprint. In general, Kanban offers the flexibility and adaptability that is better suited to highly variable media company environments. 

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