Connect Strategy with Execution. Align on Top Company Priorities.

Achieve transparency at the top level. From strategy to execution, visualize all company initiatives and projects on custom portfolio boards. Watch the video for a quick demo of the Agile project management capabilities in our software.

When you have many moving parts, you need ways to SEE what's going on in your organization.

Connect Strategy with Execution

With Kanbanize you can break down projects into actionable tasks in a trackable manner. Our platform tracks, updates and automatically reports the status of all projects and their related work items. This way the status of your plans is always accurate and delivered to you in real-time. You don’t have to waste time chasing people and exporting sheets anymore.


Gain Visibility Across All Projects

Connect multiple teams from various departments in a comprehensive Kanban system. Gain visibility across all projects and see the big picture. Just a glance at your Portfolio Kanban boards will be enough to understand what needs to be done, what is blocked, or at risk. Kanbanize allows you to manage multiple projects with ease.



Managing Dependencies Is a Breeze

We all work in complex environments where work items are intricately connected and multiple teams have to contribute towards one common goal. We built Kanbanize to be a convenient and Lean way for leaders in the organization to track cross-team dependencies, see the progress of related work and establish traceable work relationship links.

Managing Dependancies - Kanbanize

Save 80% of Your Reporting Time

Kanbanize takes over the status reporting of projects and initiatives, so you can focus on creating value instead of creating spreadsheets. Get custom and always accurate status reports delivered to you in real-time. Use Kanbanize business rules engine to further automate custom reporting that used to take you hours to prepare.


Data-Driven Forecasting

Stop guessing when projects will be done - get a scientifically sound answer from your Portfolio Kanban Software. Kanbanize provides the most extensive set of flow analytics powered by ActionableAgile™. Cumulative Flow Diagram, Cycle Time Scatter Plot, WIP Aging chart, Monte Carlo Simulations, Cycle Time heat map, and a dozen more tools to help you answer the WHEN question.


Why Managers
Love Kanbanize

BMWC Constructors
Ben Jackman
Logistics Supervisor @BMWC Constructors
 Carl Schlenk AG
Dr. Adalbert Huber
Vice President, Research & Development and Quality Control @ Carl Schlenk AG
Cíntia Guberovic
Head of Transformation Office @BoaVista
Ultimate Software
Becky McNeeley
Dir. Software Eng. @Ultimate Software
Three Deep
Daniel Woodbeck
Director of Operations @Three Deep
 GE Aviation
Benoît Guillaud
Project Leader @ GE Aviation
Jordi Medina
Information Technology and Services @Calidae
Jacopo Romei
Lean Coach @Codemotion
SSOE Group
Josh Zimmerman
Department Manager, Business Development – BIM2Fab® Steel @SSOE Group
Logistics Supervisor BMWC Constructors

The software has created a new environment centered around communication and transparency in a visually appealing way that we haven’t seen before.

BMWC Constructors
Vice President, Research & Development and Quality Control Carl Schlenk AG

Kanbanize is an excellent tool for managing projects. It offers clear visibility into task progress, provides a comprehensive overview of team assignments, and promotes seamless collaboration across multiple teams. By enabling efficient task tracking and visualizing workflows, it streamlines project management processes, leading to increased productivity and preventing overburden.

 Carl Schlenk AG
Head of Transformation Office BoaVista

Kanbanize helped us improve communication between departments by applying business rules that automate demands through card synchronization between boards. This way each team can easily monitor their progress, identify SLAs and bottlenecks.

Dir. Software Eng. Ultimate Software

Kanbanize not only provided us with a highly configurable and feature-rich tool to visualize our Kanban board, but the additional features like business rules and, especially, the enhanced analytics really put it in the lead as the tool for us to use.

Ultimate Software
Director of Operations Three Deep

When we go out and talk to customers about Kanban and Kanbanize, people's ears perk up, because they've heard it all there as well, but we are actually, actively doing it.

Three Deep

Project Leader GE Aviation

Initially, I just want to track my deliverables, but mapping the workflow had a completely unintended, yet amazing effect: the team built a common understanding of how work gets done.

 GE Aviation
Information Technology and Services Calidae

We stopped making assumptions and started analyzing reality. Kanbanize is a useful tool to monitor team members' work and reflect upon what's happening during a project's life and its tasks, from the first contact with the customer until the end of the execution.

Lean Coach Codemotion

Kanbanize is so much more than just beautiful Kanban software. It is as powerful as the traditional project management systems, but at the same time it is very simple and intuitive to use.

Department Manager, Business Development – BIM2Fab® Steel SSOE Group

…after three months, our team is more collaborative and performing better than before.

SSOE Group

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