Project forecasting

Use historical data to create probabilistic plans for future project delivery in an uncertain environment. Embrace forecasting rather than estimating with Kanbanize.


Project forecasting

With the forecast feature in Kanbanize, you can derive possible outcomes (from optimistic to very pessimistic) for the duration of your projects. The functionality uses specific criteria (ex. complexity and certainty) to automatically derive forecasts based on past flow data.

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Monte Carlo: How many

With this built-in Monte Carlo simulation, Kanbanize allows you to determine how many work items your team is capable of completing for a given period of time. It runs based on your historical completion data. Use a variety of filters so you can get accurate forecasts on what amount of work can be delivered in the future.

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Monte Carlo: When

The Monte Carlo: "When" simulation provides you with possible outcomes for future project duration based on your past workflow data. Apply filters to refine the simulation results and use different certainty levels to communicate the delivery of your projects.

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