Project Organization Software for Project Managers

Kanbanize offers project organization software based on the Kanban method that will increase your productivity and make your life easier.

Project managers face a daunting task. They must wear many hats and are often required to juggle multiple projects at once. If you’re a project manager who hasn’t discovered the many benefits provided by Kanban software, there’s a good chance that you’re probably not as organized and efficient as you could be.


What Is Kanban?

Kanban is a process developed for the specific purpose of helping project teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently. As a project manager, Kanban enables you to visualize what you must do today by creating timely project to-do lists.


It also helps you limit and control the amount of work in progress so that project teams do not take on too much (or too little) work at once. And when one element or step of a project is finished, Kanban automatically pulls the next item on the project to-do list into play. Kanban lets multiple projects be managed with ease and efficiency.


Highlights of Our Kanban Project Portfolio Management Software

Kanbanize software gives you instant access to a wide range of features that can raise the performance of you and your team to a whole new level:


-Kanban boards: Our software includes modifiable Kanban boards that make it easy to detect project inefficiencies. It also features automation policies that simplify the board management process.


-Kanban card links: Helps you break large projects and tasks into smaller parts, making them easier to manage.


-Runtime policies: Create “if/then” scenarios so you’re fully prepared for every contingency.


-Email integration: Seamless email integration enables you to create a new task with a simple email forward.


-Time tracking: Kanbanize project management tracking tools include time tracking so you’ll see exactly how every project hour is being utilized.


-Analytics: Kanbanize includes an analytics module so you can accurately gauge the success of your projects.


Access Kanbanize Online and Via Mobile Apps

Kanbanize software is available as an online solution, letting you access your boards from any computer in the world with a browser and the connection to internet. Take advantage of Kanbanize boards on the go with our iOS and Android apps. You can get started right now without risk by taking advantage of our free trial offer!

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