Senior Front-end Developer

Show us some CSS & JS magic



You are a front-end developer with many years of experience. You’ve been programming since the 90s and you’ve had enough of trivial, outsourcing web projects. You are so good that no technical challenge scares you. The one aspect that’s bugging your otherwise perfect life is your routine job – same projects, same people, same technologies. And, even worse, you can’t spend enough time with your family, without sacrificing your work.

Well, we might have good news for you! At Kanbanize, we are looking for a super-skilled person to join our growing team and this could be you!


Above all, you need to love building great (and complex) products. We are not “yet another outsourcing” company selling brains per hour and, actually, what we do is quite hard. That’s why you should accept challenges really well and you should always seek perfection. If that sounds good, here’s what your quest will look like:

– Work on solving architectural problems together with the team.
– Tackle complex business requirements writing high-performance, object-oriented JavaScript.
– Develop and enhance a proprietary CSS framework (think of it as our own Bootstrap).


– 7+ years experience in software development
– CSS / JavaScript magic
– Being fluent with backend languages would be a huge plus


A special thing about Kanbanize is that we invest in talent. You will be expected to grow every single day and we will be generous with people who embrace growth. Besides the competitive salary and perks, we offer company shares and, for those of you who want more time for your families, a four-day work week. If you do well, you will earn a ton of money, but above all, you will finally have the chance to test how good you really are.