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Gain visibility across all projects, connect planning with execution and deliver 3x faster.

When You Need The BIG Picture

With Kanbanize you visualize the project plan in dedicated Management Boards and break down the work across one or more Team Boards. This creates a work hierarchy that spans multiple levels in the organization and creates unmatched transparency across the whole value stream. As teams, complete work on their team boards, the progress, and potential risks are visualized on your management boards automatically. 


Why Kanbanize?

With the ability to bring transparency across the entire organization, Kanbanize helps managers align the planning of big projects with day-to-day execution, prevent teams from overburdening, and always set clear priorities.

Connect planning with execution.

With Kanbanize, you can break down projects into actionable tasks in a trackable manner. It helps you distribute work items and creates transparency across multiple organizational levels.

Gain visibility across projects and portfolios.

Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize helps you visualize the project portfolios in your company. Our platform tracks, updates, and automatically reports all projects' status. Take advantage of our forecasting tools and see when different projects will be completed.

Optimize delivery workflow with built-in automation.

Let your teams gain control over their workflows and optimize them gradually, based on performance metrics. Eliminate work overlaps and automate parts of the workflow to let people focus on delivering value.

New in December '21

Product Version 8.11 - What’s New?

Kanbanize 8.11 comes with a new Dark Mode feature, the option to Duplicate Existing Workflows and other helpful improvements.


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There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you'll learn how Kanban can boost your team's efficiency and minimize wasted resources.

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