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The easiest way to achieve 300% end-to-end project efficiency without changing your process.
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What is Kanbanize?

Kanbanize is easy to use visual management software which boosts your productivity by applying lean principles to your work. We help you design your workflow, collaborate with others and track important metrics out of the box.

Work breakdown made easy

Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize helps you slice complex projects into smaller work items that are easier to track and manage without spending hours on reporting.

Flow analytics unlike any other

Kanbanize provides the richest set of flow analytics compared to any other Kanban software. Cumulative flow diagram, Scatter plot chart, Cycle time histogram, Monte Carlo predictions, Cycle time heat-map, Cycle time trends, WIP aging, and so much more.

Business rules (If This Then...)

While most of the Kanban software tools out there allow you to just visualize your work, Kanbanize takes it to the next level. With the extensive set of business rules (if this then that) you automate existing processes and literally save thousands of hours for your company or team.

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Learn how Kanbanize managed to achieve a 300% efficiency improvement of our software development processes in this detailed case study.

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