Holistic Agile with OKRs and Kanban.

Gain visibility across all teams, connect strategy with execution and deliver 3x faster.

Your tool doesn't scale? Kanbanize does!

Kanbanize is the only management platform on the market that scales naturally in both dimensions - horizontally and vertically. You can start with a single team, expand to thousands of teams and then scale up to the CEO, without breaking anything.

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The Three Pillars of Scale

Built from the ground up to support these pillars, Kanbanize is an invaluable partner in your Lean/Agile implementation.

#1. Connect strategy with execution.

Deploy your corporate strategy through a set of cascading initiatives. From the C-level to the intern, our approach works across unlimited layers in the hierarchy.

#2. Gain visibility across projects and portfolios.

Visualize all projects, initiatives and entire portfolios while keeping an eye on dependencies. Our platform tracks, updates, and automatically forecasts progress, blockers and risks.

#3. Optimize the delivery workflows.

Let your teams gain control over their workflows and optimize them gradually, based on sophisticated flow metrics. The performance boost starts at 30% and can grow as high as 700%!

New in July '23

Product Version 10.4 - What’s New?

Welcome to Kanbaize 10.4! This time, we’re glad to share some new improvements on the calculated fields in the platform, including several new additions.


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There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you'll learn how Kanban can boost your team's efficiency and minimize wasted resources.

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