Workflow management

With Kanbanize you can customize your Kanban boards to fit the specific needs of your teams. Instead of segmenting different types of work into separate boards, you can build a multi-layered Kanban board to keep your teams’ work in one place.


Customizable workflows

Having the multiple workflows feature in your arsenal, you can design any board that you can think of. The multilayer board structure supports team members in their individual and cooperative work and gives ground for better workflow organization and process improvement.

feature 01

Initiatives workflow

The Initiatives Workflow is where you can create initiatives (bigger tasks or projects) and automatically track their progress. This is the top swimlane on your board, designed to help you break down projects into consumable tasks and track status effortlessly.

feature 02


The Timeline Workflow brings an agile approach to planning. It allows you to visualize your past, current, and future projects in a calendar view.  Visualize your projects on the Kanban timeline, break them down into manageable tasks and track their progress all in one place.

feature 03

Explicit policies

Kanbanize allows you to define and visualize your process policies clearly. These rules and procedures help in achieving a high level of consistency and a shared understanding of what needs to be done at each stage of the workflow.

feature 04

Service level expectations

Service Level Expectations represent the maximum agreed time that your work items should spend in a given process. Visualizing them on your Kanban board provides an easy way to see which tasks are taking longer than expected.

feature 05

Limit projects in progress

The Timeline in Kanbanize is the first-ever timeline with WIP (Work In Progress) limits. Thanks to this, teams can set a maximum number of projects or initiatives that can be in progress simultaneously, so you can protect them from overburdening and speed up project delivery.

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Amazing support
from humans to humans.

During the 30-day trial period, you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team. We are here to help.