Multiple Workflows

With Multiple Workflows, you can completely customize your Kanban boards to fit the specific needs of cross-functional teams or teams working on multiple projects. Instead of segmenting the work into separate boards, you can now build a multi-layered Kanban board to keep your teams work in one place.

Visualize the different work processes, classes of work, and projects on a single Kanban board.

Build a more flexible Kanban board for multiple team functions or various team projects without making compromises on the individual needs of different workflows.


Unlimited Board Flexibility

In cross-functional teams, different team members may follow different work processes. With Multiple Workflows, you can map the different workflows on the same board and easily track progress and dependencies across team members with just a few clicks.

feature 01

Multiple Projects on One Board

Often one team works on multiple projects that follow different project logic. Instead of building a Kanban Boards for each project, with Multiple Workflows, you can create dedicated workflows for the various projects on the same board. This way you keep the entire workload of the team in one place.

feature 02

Visualize Classes of Service

Different classes of service in a project most likely have different workflows. Examples, where Multiple workflows are particularly useful, are “expedite” and “standard” work classes. Visualizing them in separate workflows on one board supports a high level of transparency, with the additional benefit of each workflow having its WIP limit as well as different cycle time configuration.

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