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Our mission is to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful tools that are easy to use

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We are on this planet to help people do meaningful work and by that accelerate innovation

The products we create follow a simple, yet profound, set of beliefs. We believe that you need balance on the individual level to get sustainable excellence. You need team Excellence to create superior Value through your projects and products. Creating value at a predictable pace is a prerequisite to creating a cohesive portfolio of products, which is a requirement for gaining a competitive edge as a company. The more competitive edge you get, the more room for innovation there is to help the world be a better place.

Balance / Individual

It all starts with the individual. You, us, everyone is a person with our desires, dreams, beliefs, and goals. We, as workers, strive to do a great job without sacrificing our families and other important things in life. It’s a tough balance to get to. At Kanbanize, we chose to create tools on top of the Kanban method for it is a humane approach. It shields us from the chaotic environment, which often surrounds us, and gives us the focus to deliver the right thing at the right time and, believe it or not, makes us more productive. All work matters but we acknowledge the fact that we can’t do it all at the same time and we give you the tools to navigate your environment in an easy and non-stressful way. Mastering this balance is a prerequisite to achieving true agility on the collective level.

Excellence / Team

Team agility has been around for a long time now. If you’ve heard about some of the popular "Agile frameworks", you must know something about it but it’s not the whole story. Actually, it’s just how the story starts. There’s much more to Team agility than what you typically hear. When you put Flow at the center of your management universe, you start seeing work management differently. Flow makes us think of how to remove impediments and manage the work instead of the worker. The Kanban method is the best vehicle to smoothen the Flow through your value streams without causing too much stress for the organization.

Value / Project & Product

Coming from the amazing world of Lean, we perceive everything in our companies as a means to create end-customer value. We usually deliver it through services, projects or products. Kanban has a lot to offer when it comes to managing those in an effective and superior way. You may think that Kanban is just a whiteboard with sticky notes but it's a lot more than that. The Kanban Maturity Model describes more than 150 practices that form the Kanban body of knowledge. Many of these practices are geared towards improving Flow above the team level, which is precisely the project/product/service level. Applying Kanban on a project level is the best-known way to manage risks proactively, instead of reactively. Heavily relying on historical data, a true Kanban system can help you detect abnormalities in Flow very early in the process and take the necessary steps to get back on track. This is a major element when we talk about scaling the approach to your portfolio.

Cohesiveness / Portfolio

In computer science, functional cohesion is when parts of a module are grouped because they all contribute to a single well-defined task of the module. That's how we view the portfolios of the companies – they must blend together well, in order to create impact. Kanban and Kanbanize cannot yet tell you what the right thing to build is, for it is a human decision, but they can help you organize an efficient process to assess the options and then deliver them in a predictable manner. Moreover, having the proactive risk analysis in real-time for each project/product of the portfolio, gaining a competitive edge becomes a much more tangible task.

Edge / Company

If you manage to go through all previous steps, you will have most definitely built a special company that's a leader in its domain. We know for real, as we've done it already with Kanbanize. The company was started in Bulgaria with the money you'd spend on a new car. Today, it is a multi-million company, providing the leading Kanban platform in the world. This was all possible because we followed the principles of Lean and Kanban and through them, we were able to gain a competitive edge in a very crowded space. Of course, it would be naive to claim that it was all possible because of Kanban's magic powers. There was much more to it – hard work, dedication, sacrifices. But in the center of things, we had Kanban and our own software that kept us on track and allowed us to experiment and learn fast. It made it possible to deliver and innovate, which was key to the company's success. This leads us to the last key element of our vision – innovation.

Innovation / World

At Kanbanize, we care deeply about our home and we want to leave a better planet for our children. We believe the only way to achieve sustainability, in the long run, is through the removal of waste and inefficiency – something that surrounds us to an extent most of us can't even imagine. We believe that using our resources in a smarter, more efficient way will lead to accelerated innovation. It's not a coincidence that our slogan is "There is always a better way". Humanity must find a better way to deal with all the rising issues of global warming, pollution, hunger, animal welfare, and many others.  Our humble contribution to this greater vision is saving you time that you can use to drive progress. Let's do this together!

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