Card Links

Track cross-team dependencies, see the progress of related work items and establish traceable work relationship links.

Link cards between different Kanban boards and build powerful dependencies and connections.

Complex projects involve a lot of work items and, with no special care, visibility is quickly lost. Link Kanban cards in different boards and get the ultimate visibility you need to execute successfully.


Parent/child links

With the parent / child relationship between cards you can slice big work items or even an entire project into smaller items that can be tracked separately on another board.

feature 01

Relative Links

If multiple cards belong to the same group of work items, but there is no hierarchy between them, you can link these cards with the "realtive" link and make them easily discoverable for their "relatives"

feature 02

Predecessor/Successor links

This form of linking allows the cards to be dependent on each other with an indication of the order in which they will need to be performed. The new link not only implies, but also enforces the relationship between successor and predecessor, so the successor card cannot precede the predecessor in the order in which they get updated.

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