How is my personal data protected?

Kanbanize does not provide any personal data to third parties nor is this data being used in any other way, except as necessary to provide the service.

How is my business data protected?

Kanbanize is hosted on modern, reliable and scalable infrastructure with a multi-layered security implemented. Unauthorized access to any customer data is prevented by encryption, segregation and implementation of standardized security protocols and best practices. Additionally, the application is hosted for high-availability and disaster recovery that ensures maximum up-time and no data loss even in the event of an accident.

Can I run Kanbanize in my private network or on a dedicated cloud server?

Kanbanize is only available as a SaaS service. If you need a dedicated cloud server, please contact a Kanbanize sales representative.

How can I partner with Kanbanize?

If you are willing to work with us on any kind of partnership projects (consulting, official representative for a country, etc.), please contact us at partnerships(at)kanbanize.com

Does Kanbanize have special discounts for students, teachers or NGOs?

If you are a student, teaching a class or running a non-governmental organization using Kanbanize, it is likely that you are eligible for a discount on your subscriptions. Please email us about your particular use of our tool and we will do our very best to accommodate your scenario.

Do trial accounts get deleted if left inactive?

Kanbanize deletes trial accounts that have been left inactive for fifteen days. There is no way to manually close a trial account on the user's administration panel.

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