Applying Lean and Agile principles in Knowledge Domain

“Do things, learn, reflect, adapt, change on the premise that (hopefully) we will go faster each time we do that because we are addressing the fundamental process issues.” Keith Howells, Project4 Learning Lab

In this episode of our Lean Agile Management Podcast, we discuss how Lean/Agile principles can be applied to the knowledge work domain.

Our guests today are Keith Howells and Angeline Thorne. Keith is a managing partner at Project4 Learning Lab and an experienced engineer with 20 years of operational leadership experience in the Aerospace, Defence, Energy, and Marine sectors. Angeline is a partner at Project4 Learning Lab with a track record of delivering sustainable improvements in business performance in senior leadership roles.

Both experienced in business agility, program and portfolio management, leadership development, and change management, today they will share valuable insights on applying Lean and Agile from their practice.

The topics discussed in this episode:

  • The benefits of practicing more discipline to project management by introducing the Lean pull system technique
  • What do digital and physical simulations bring to the surface?
  • The productivity paradox or how people confuse productivity with efficiency?
  • Where to start the transition from “pushing in more work” to “pull principle”?
  • What are some of the “push behavior” dysfunctions?
  • How to approach planning in project management?

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