It Operations

Streamline your IT and Dev Operations using a set of visual Kanban Boards
How Does Kanban Help IT Operations and DevOps Teams?

If there is one thing that is generally true for IT departments, it is that they are almost always severely understaffed. Moreover, when a company needs to cut cost, they start with hardware and the non-revenue generating positions, which IT folks usually hold. Having this in mind, it is always a challenge for IT managers and their teams to stay on top of things. This is where Kanban and Kanbanize can make the difference.

  • Capacity

    Define the True Capacity of Your Team

    Too much to do, not enough people to work on everything and little understanding from your superiors. If this sounds familiar, you have got to visualize the work you have on your plate using a Kanban Board. The benefit of visualizing the work is not just to demonstrate how much you have going on, but to also define the capacity of the team. When you have a limit on the "Requested" column, this is as much as you can get. This limit shields you from external influences and gives you the space you need to just get things done.
  • Prioritization

    Clear Prioritization

    You can work on tasks based on their order or priority. Whatever prioritization you choose, making it visible and clear to external parties is really easy. Just put the most important item at the top of the board and everyone will know it's a top priority.
  • Email-integration

    Integrate Email and Other Systems

    Most IT people receive tons of requests via multiple channels such as email, ticketing systems, phone calls, etc. Kanbanize takes care to combine all sources into one single virtual space, where a team gets things done in a much more predictable and efficient manner.
  • Share view

    Share Status with External Stakeholders

    With the public view available in Kanbanize you can define custom reports or views and share them with your stakeholders. No more answering the question - "What is going on with this thing I requested?" Everyone will be able to visit a public URL and check for themselves.
  • Analytics

    Powerful Analytics

    Each manager needs to know where time is going and how much the team gets done. This information is at your fingertips with Kanbanize, because you have powerful analytics available that provide all the data you need and beyond.