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Tired of switching between all those tools you use? Kanbanize and Zapier team up to solve this problem.

Zapier allows you to easily integrate more than 1000 apps into your Portfolio Kanban workflow. Use it to connect your Kanbanize with all the tools that your company needs, including Gmail, HubSpot Slack, Mailchimp, Evernote, Toggle, Twitter and many more! Automate your process through simple zaps and without any coding.

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The trial account in Kanbanize provides access to all features in the system with almost no restrictions. During the 30-day trial period you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment.

Features in Kanbanize


    It's time to upgrade your sticky notes and white board. The Kanban board is the most effective way to visualize your workflow and enable your team to gain control over what is to be done and what is currently being worked on.


    The format of our super-flexible Kanban cards lets you structure their attributes based on your project requirements. You can create templates, add custom fields and then just drag them across the board.


    Get detailed reports on how much time was spent on individual tasks or entire projects. Whether you are extracting worklogs for members of your team or need to know how to plan ahead, we can help you track one of your most significant assets – time.


    With the full email integration that we offer you can create tasks over email and update their attributes on the fly. Tasks can even be created by users who are not registered in the system. Apply this to enhance the speed and accuracy of your Helpdesk.


    Runtime policies in Kanbanize are adjustable rules that trigger actions when certain events occur. They are the best way to manage flow, dependencies, and notifications without missing a beat. Use them to automate parts of your process.


    The first step to improvement is measuring where you stand in order to start acting on your findings. Kanbanize will collect your data and point you directly to the actual bottleneck of your system to get you on the road to solving it.


Our customers simply love us

  • Image of Daniel Woodbeck from Three Deep Marketing
    When we go out and talk to customers about Kanban and Kanbanize, people's ears perk up, because they've heard it all there as well, but we are actually, actively doing it.
    Daniel Woodbeck, Director OF Operations
    @Three Deep
  • Image of Jacopo Romei from Codemotion
    Kanbanize is so much more than just beautiful Kanban software. It is as powerful as the traditional project management systems, but at the same time it is very simple and intuitive to use.
    Jacopo Romei, Lean Coach
  • Image of Becky McNeeley  from Ultimate Software
    Kanbanize not only provided us with a highly configurable and feature rich tool to visualize our Kanban board, but the additional features like business rules and, especially, the enhanced analytics really put it in the lead as the tool for us to use.
    Becky McNeeley, Dir. Software Eng.
    @Ultimate Software
  • Image of Daniel Woodbeck from Three Deep Marketing
    Daniel Woodbeck,
    Director OF Operations
    @Three Deep
  • Image of Jacopo Romei from Codemotion
    Jacopo Romei,
    Lean Coach
  • Image of Becky McNeeley  from Ultimate Software
    Becky McNeeley,
    Dir. Software Eng.
    @Ultimate Software
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