Lean Software Development

Gain efficiency implementing a flow-based development approach.
What are the Benefits of Kanban over Traditional Development Approaches?

Lean Software Development is the logical next step for software teams that need to go beyond their current Waterfall or even Scrum implementation. Using Kanban software and visual Kanban boards allows you to improve the overall team productivity and not only deliver faster, but also improve quality.

  • Breakdown

    Visual Work Breakdown of Your Projects

    Kanbanize allows you to break down big projects into actionable work items with just a few clicks. The visual nature of the Kanban board allows you to instantly see what is being worked on and whether some of the projects are taking too long. You can leverage this information to quickly make important decisions and steer your organization in the right direction.
  • Workflow

    Workflow Automation

    Kanbanize comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind Business Rules module. Using this module, you can define Runtime Policies, which automate every part of your process. Based on these rules you can set up portfolio Kanban boards, where the projects are moved between states automatically, when the progress of their child tasks reach a certain point. This is the new way to report status - just have the status information always available and up-to-date.
  • Efficiency

    Management of Queues

    Most development processes involve significant wait times, which can increase the overall lead time as much as 50%-90%. Kanbanize allows you to map which states of your process represent queues and automatically calculates your process efficiency. Monitoring this single KPI guarantees that everyone is spending their time adding value instead of generating wasteful wait times.
  • Analytics

    Flow-based Metrics Instead of "Velocity"-based Ones

    In Kanban, you don't measure velocity, but efficiency and cycle time instead. With the powerful set of dashboard widgets and charts, you can analyze your workflow and figure out which parts of your process need improvement.
  • Integrations

    Integrated with Development Tools

    We realize that your Kanban software should integrate with other tools and systems. That is why we've worked on multiple integrations with GitHub, Subversion, Slack and others.
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