Business Rules

The proper way to manage flow, notifications and dependencies.
With the Business Rules in Kanbanize you create hooks that trigger actions when certain events occur.
This is just a fraction of what you can do with the Business Rules in Kanbanize. They are a sort of "drag-and-drop" programming language with which you can automate any process.

Card is created

Card is created Policy image This rule will trigger a predefined action whenever a card is created, allowing for multiple integrations.

Recurring create cards

Recurring create cards Policy image Create recurring cards with ease without even logging in to the software.

Card is updated

Card is updated Policy image You want to get a custom notification in Slack when a card is updated? No problem.

Recurring update cards

Recurring update cards Policy image Always make sure that your cards are in the right position? No need to do it manually.

Card updated by email

Card updated by email Policy image Convert your Kanban board to a powerful ticketing system, scaling more than anything you have seen.

Child card is blocked

Child card is blocked Policy image Get notified when some of the child cards of a bigger project are blocked.

All children are unblocked

All children are unblocked Policy image You will need to know when a project is no longer blocked. We will let you know.

Card is moved

Card is moved Policy image When a card is moved to DONE on your board, it can be transferred to REQUESTED on another board.

Child card is moved

Child card is moved Policy image Automate moving your features or projects by listening for changes of the status of the children cards.

All children are moved

All children are moved Policy image Automatically complete a project when all its comprising cards make it to a DONE column.

Mirror card is moved

Mirror card is moved Policy image Synchronize the work of two teams working on separate boards by using a few Mirror rules.

Relative card is moved

Relative card is moved Policy image Handover work between teams automatically and by that achieve instant synchronization.

Time-based rule

Time-based policy Policy image Never miss a deadline or an important time-based event. Just setup a custom notification.

Card revisions

Card revisions Policy image Keep track of all changes in your Kanban cards and revert to a previous state with a single click.

WIP limit is reached

WIP limit is reached Policy image Prevent exceeding of a WIP limit by getting an early notification when a given queue is full.

WIP limit is exceeded

WIP limit is exceeded Policy image Does it happen that your team exceeds a WIP limit in a given board? Make that actionable.

Card count

Card count Policy image Never leave your teams waiting for work. Use the rule to track when queues need to be replenished.

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Kanban Integration With Your Existing Tools

The modern business relies on a myriad of tools. These tools connect you and your team members, and they provide access to information and data from almost any location at almost any time. Kanbanize is designed to fit squarely into your existing toolkit.

Thanks to our Kanban integration and Kanban app, you can access our functionality via:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • More

Kanbanize is an online platform that can increase your productivity and efficiency up to 300 percent — without changing your team size, budget or deadlines. A huge part of that enhanced productivity and efficiency is thanks to its ability to integrate with your existing tools. When you choose Kanbanize as your online project management app, you’ll discover just how easily your team can integrate the classic benefits of Kanban management.

When searching for Kanban integration, you’ll no doubt find a number of options. What makes Kanbanize the best among those project management app choices? Many Kanban software providers create a deep and powerful system that is difficult to use, taking weeks or months to learn and master. Others create simple and easy systems that don’t offer the functionality that can help you reach maximum productivity and efficiency.

At Kanbanize, we provide Kanban software that is different. We offer Kanban integration through a platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. Rather than struggling to learn a new system or settling for one that’s limited in functionality, you get access to powerful Kanban software that can be adopted quickly.

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