Kanban Tools that Make Your Work Flow

Kanbanize is a rare combination of advanced Kanban tools, amazing collaboration features, powerful analytics and business rules suitable for process automation.


Kanban Boards

Kanbanize is a powerful and user-friendly platform that boosts your business with the help of tons of dynamic features.


Card Links

Slice your projects into smaller work items using the parent, child, predecessor/successor or relative links.


Business Rules

The proper way to manage flow, notifications, and dependencies.


Email Integration

Kanbanize takes on the challenge of optimizing how you do support, helpdesk and customer care.



Whether you bill by the hour or you just need to know how much time a job took, Kanbanize makes it easy.



An extensive arsenal of Lean project management analytics including a Cumulative flow diagram, Cycle time scatterplot, Monte Carlo simulations and a whole lot more…



Boost your Kanban Software even more with our selection of apps specially designed to improve the Kanbanize experience.



Find out how you can take advantage of the Kanbanize Restful API.

The Proven Kanban Software Tool

At Kanbanize, we’ve designed a Kanban software tool that provides deep and powerful functionality but with a user experience that is beautiful in its simplicity. You and your team enjoy a host of features, and each member can learn to use the system quickly.

Within days, your team will be able to:

  • Map processes to identify inefficiencies
  • Manage multiple projects without losing ground on any
  • Define rules triggered by specific events, automating the response and increasing efficiency
  • Use email to create a task and establish a flexible ticketing system
  • Track and report billable hours
  • Analyze key performance indicators with an eye on future improvement

Clients Who Trust Us

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The trial account in Kanbanize provides access to all features in the system with almost no restrictions. During the 30-day trial period you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment.