An extensive arsenal including a Cumulative flow diagram, Process control chart, Cycle time histogram, Weibull distribution and a whole lot more...
Get the most out of your Kanban software with our analytics module to help you identify bottlenecks and optimize your process towards the next level of efficiency.
These are just some of our extensive set of powerful flow analytics
  1. Cumulative Flow Diagram

    There is no easier way to answer the question “Is my process stable?” than looking at the Cumulative Flow Diagram. The top line maps the arrivals in your process and the bottom line maps the departures. If these lines are relatively parallel, your process is most likely stable. However, if they are drifting apart, then your process might be less predictable than you think.

  2. Cycle Time Scatter Plot

    The question that your customers want answered: “How much time will a work item take?”. They want to know when you will be ready and nobody can blame them for that. Looking at the Cycle Time Scatter Plot chart you can fairly quickly estimate the possibility of completing a work item within a certain time frame. This is probably the fastest and the easiest way to bind your team to a reasonable SLA.reply-to-email-via-comment

  3. Cycle Time & Blocked Time Heatmap

    Where is my bottleneck? We know you want to know this and we make sure to answer this question for you. When your team works on the Kanban Board in Kanbanize, we track each and every transition. This allows you to pinpoint the weakest step in your process with just a single glance. There has never been a better tool for continuous improvement & Kaizen!

  4. Monte Carlo Simulations & Forecasting

    Is my release on time? Will I be able to make it? We know how hard it WAS to answer these questions. Now, there is a better approach, which by the way, has been scientifically proven. Stop measuring averages and being wrong on average 50% of the time. We only need a few dozen cards to run through your process, after which we will be able to tell you whether you are going to make it or not. It’s that simple, indeed! redirect-your-email-to-kanbanize


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