Analytics for Lean Project Management

An extensive arsenal of Lean project management analytics including a Cumulative flow diagram, Cycle time scatterplot, Monte Carlo simulations and a whole lot more…
Track the most important Lean metrics with just a few clicks in our analytics module. They will help you identify bottlenecks and become more efficient than ever before.
Take a look at some of our most valuable flow analytics
  1. Cumulative Flow Diagram

    Is my process stable? To answer this question, the Cumulative Flow Diagram will give your lean project team a clear look at the metrics that represent the stability of your workflow in just a single glance. The top line maps the arrival of tasks to your kanban board and the bottom line maps the departures. If these lines are relatively parallel, your process is most likely stable. However, if they are drifting apart, then your process might be less predictable than you think.

  2. Cycle Time Scatter Plot

    How much time will a work item take? The Cycle Time Scatter Plot will help you commit to any deadline with more certainty by displaying how likely you are to get the job done by that time based on your previous performance. You will be able to measure how long it took your Lean team to complete each task that was ever placed on their project board and what is the chance to finish any future assignment with the help of a wide range of card criteria filters.reply-to-email-via-comment

  3. Cycle Time & Blocked Time Heatmap

    Where is my bottleneck? The heatmap analytics module will show you where work is most likely to get stuck. It will track every transition that your lean project team makes on their Kanban board. This way, you can pinpoint the weakest step in your process with just a single glance. The heatmap will give you clear indications whether you need to restructure your work process and make changes to your Kanban board design in order to improve your Lean metrics and achieve continuous improvement.

  4. Monte Carlo Simulations & Forecasting

    Is my release on time? Will I be able to make it? The Monte Carlo Simulations in Kanbanize allow you to use statistical analysis to make forecasts about two of the most important Lean metrics – throughput and cycle time. By running between 10K and 1M trials based on the previous performance of your team, this analytic will help you determine how many tasks you are capable of completing in the near future and how long it would take for them to reach the done column of your Kanban board.redirect-your-email-to-kanbanize


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