Boost your productivity even more with our selection of apps especially designed to improve the Kanbanize experience.

Kanbanize for iOS

Platform: iOS Vendor: Kanbanize Major Features:
  • Access to all projects and boards
  • Add, modify and delete tasks
  • Add comments and subtasks
  • Reminders embedded in the operating system
  • Search and filtering
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Kanbanize for Android

Platform: Android Vendor: Kanbanize Major Features:
  • Access to all projects and boards
  • Add, modify and delete tasks
  • Add comments and subtasks
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Platform: Check vendor's site Vendor: Usersnap Major Features:
  • Take a screen-shot via Usersnap and automatically upload it to Kanbanize
  • Edit and annotate the screen before upload
  • Keep all screens stored in your Usersnap account
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Kanbanize Board Simplifier

Platform: Google Chrome Vendor: Tommaso Soprana Major Features:
  • KBS is an extension created to help visualize all tasks of a Kanbanize board on displays with limited width and height. This is useful visualizing on projectors boards with more than 30 tasks.
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GitHub to Kanbanize Integration

Platform: Kanbanize / GitHub Vendor: Kanbanize / GitHub Major Features:
  • Synchronize GitHub issues with Kanbanize
  • Change status in Kanbanize when issues in GitHub are updated
  • Add comments to Kanbanize cards from GitHub comments
  • Add / remove tags from GitHub to/from Kanbanize
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SVN Integration Plug-in

Platform: Windows, Unix Vendor: Kanbanize Major Features:
  • Tie your subversion server to Kanbanize and receive all commit messages as task comments
  • See the revision and the type of change in the task comments
  • Modify, move and delete tasks via special commands in the commit messages
  • Log time via commit messages


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Kanbanize – Ruby API Wrapper

Platform: Any platform supporting Ruby Vendor: Renaud Martinet Major Features:
  • Ruby wrapper around the Kanbanize API
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Kanbanize – .NET API Wrapper

Platform: Microsoft Windows Vendor: fhaskell Major Features:
  • .NET wrapper around the Kanbanize API
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Kanbanize – PHP API Wrapper

Platform: Any platform supporting PHP Vendor: Eduardo Turiño Major Features:
  • PHP wrapper around the Kanbanize API
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Kanbanize – Python API Wrapper

Platform: Any platform supporting Python Vendor: Stefano Guandalini Major Features:
  • Python wrapper around the Kanbanize API
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Start my free trial The trial account in Kanbanize provides access to all features in the system with almost no restrictions. During the 30-day trial period you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment.

Kanban Integration With Your Existing Tools

The modern business relies on a myriad of tools. These tools connect you and your team members, and they provide access to information and data from almost any location at almost any time. Kanbanize is designed to fit squarely into your existing toolkit.

Thanks to our Kanban integration and Kanban app, you can access our functionality via:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows
  • Unix
  • More

Kanbanize is an online platform that can increase your productivity and efficiency up to 300 percent — without changing your team size, budget or deadlines. A huge part of that enhanced productivity and efficiency is thanks to its ability to integrate with your existing tools. When you choose Kanbanize as your online project management app, you’ll discover just how easily your team can integrate the classic benefits of Kanban management.

When searching for Kanban integration, you’ll no doubt find a number of options. What makes Kanbanize the best among those project management app choices? Many Kanban software providers create a deep and powerful system that is difficult to use, taking weeks or months to learn and master. Others create simple and easy systems that don’t offer the functionality that can help you reach maximum productivity and efficiency.

At Kanbanize, we provide Kanban software that is different. We offer Kanban integration through a platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. Rather than struggling to learn a new system or settling for one that’s limited in functionality, you get access to powerful Kanban software that can be adopted quickly.

Get a glimpse of the Kanbanize difference when you take advantage of our free trial that features 1,000 free events. You’ll quickly discover the many benefits that companies and teams of all sizes depend on to get their work done — better and faster.

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