Kanban Software Integrations

Boost your Kanban Software even more with our selection of apps especially designed to improve the Kanbanize experience.
From single sign-ons to issue-trackers and cloud storage, our flexible Kanban software comes ready to scale up and integrate with the most needed services and solutions
Get the most from your Kanban software with the advanced Kanbanize integration options with your favorite apps, tools, and services

Integrations with Jira, ConnectWise and Zapier

Get a Portfolio Kanban view over user stories in Jira or issues in ConnectWise. Feed Kanbanize with data from virtually any other tool using our Zapier software integration

ConnecetWise logo

Kanban on top of ConnectWise

Display ConnectWise issues on a flexible Kanban board and get all changes synchronized bidirectionally

Kanban Software with Single Sign-On

Forget about managing multiple accounts - Kanbanize supports a range of software integrations with Single Sign-on services. Login into your workspace with ease and enterprise-level security

OneLogin logo

Integration with One Login

Integrate your Kanban Software with OneLogin™ - SSO Identity Management

Azure logo

Integration with Azure

Enable Azure Active Directory integration with Kanbanize and stop worrying about forgotten passwords

Okta logo

Integration with Okta

Connect your Okta Identity Cloud to login into your Kanban software with your existing accounts

Secure Cloud Storage Integrations

Kanbanize project management software integrates with all popular cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, box and OneDrive

Google Drive logo

Integration with Google Drive

Connect your Google Docs to your project Kanban boards and attach documents effortlessly

OneDrive logo

Integration with One Drive

Perfect for Office 365 users who want to attach files directly from OneDrive to Kanbanize task cards

Box logo

Integration with Box

Access the files in your secure Box cloud storage directly from your project boards

Dropbox logo

Integration with Dropbox

Collaborate on your DropBox files by attaching them to your tasks in Kanbanize

Development Tools

We make the life of Kanban software development teams easier by providing seamless Kanbanize integrations with version control systems and other dev tools.

Github logo

Integration with Github

Keep track of GitHub issues and check-ins easily with your online Kanban board

Gitlab logo

Integration with Gitlab

Synchronize Gitlab issues with your online Kanban board software and capture commits

Subversion logo

Integration with Subversion

Track your SVN check-ins and update the Kanban cards from the commit message directly

Database Connectors

Use Database Connectors in Kanbanize to visualize and track items from your database in an agile workflow. Periodically synchronize the result set of an SQL statement with your Kanbanize task cards and make your work visible even if your company is using a legacy system.

Mysql logo

Integration with MYSQL

Sync data between Kanbanize and your database with a MySQL database connector

Oracle logo

Integration with Oracle

Keep track of your data on a Kanban board with an Oracle database connector

Mssql logo

Integration with MSSQL

Synchronize data sets from an MSSQL database using this connector integration

PostgreSQL logo

Integration with PostgreSQL

Sync & visualize data from a PostgreSQL database on a Kanban board

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