Scaling Your Business the Kanban Way

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Achieve transparency at the top level. From strategy to execution, visualize all company initiatives and projects on custom portfolio boards. Watch the video below for a quick demo of the lean project management capabilities in our software.

portfolio kanban


Create a comprehensive work breakdown structure and see the big picture at a glance. Just a glance at your Portfolio Kanban boards will be enough to understand what needs to be done, what is blocked or at risk. The Lean management platform by Kanbanize allows you to manage multiple projects with ease.

status reporting in Kanban


Kanbanize tracks, updates and automatically reports the status of all projects and initiatives so you don’t have to. Get custom and always accurate status reports delivered to you in real-time. No more wasting time chasing people and exporting sheets. Use Kanbanize business rules automation engine to save hours or even days that you spend on reporting for the actual work.

managing dependencies in Kanban


We all work in complex environments where work items are intricately connected and multiple teams have to contribute towards one common goal. We built Kanbanize to be a convenient and Lean way for leaders in the organization to track cross-team dependencies, see the progress of related work and establish traceable work relationship links.

data-driven forecasting


Stop guessing when things are going to get done - get a scientifically sound answer from your Portfolio Kanban Software. Kanbanize provides the most extensive set of flow analytics powered by ActionableAgile™. Cumulative Flow Diagram, Cycle Time Scatter Plot, WIP Aging chart, Monte Carlo Simulations, Cycle Time heat map and a dozen more tools to help you answer the WHEN question.

  • “When we go out and talk to customers about Kanban and Kanbanize, people's ears perk up, because they've heard it all there as well, but we are actually, actively doing it.“

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    Daniel Woodbeck Director of Operations
  • “Kanbanize is just a very fluid, flexible and intuitive environment and tool for the development and the QA team.“

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    Justin Hayes Technical Development Manager
  • “Everybody loves it. We know that our value streams are in place. We know the sequence of events that take a product from inception all the way to delivery.“

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    John Tinsley Director Quality Assurance
  • “It really takes away a lot of the side conversations, a lot of the distractions that happened before with fly-by visits. Kanbanize created a lot more efficient communication.“

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    Taylor Pettis Marketing Director

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There is a better way to manage projects. The Kanban way! In this practical guide including implementation examples, you'll learn how Kanban can boost your team's efficiency and minimize wasted resources.