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Slice your projects into smaller work items using the parent, child, relative or mirror links.
Link cards between different Kanban boards and build powerful dependencies and connections.
Complex projects involve a lot of work items and, with no special care, visibility is quickly lost. Link Kanban cards in different boards and get the ultimate visibility you need to execute successfully.

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A Digital Platform for Classic Kanban Cards

Kanban product management is a proven system that the most successful companies and teams around the world use. This system relies on cards to break large and complex projects into smaller and more manageable pieces.

Kanbanize uses digital boards that feature Kanban cards. These cards give you and your team the ability to:

  • Move cards across the Kanban board so teams can visualize progress
  • Limit the amount of cards given to a user, giving each team member a manageable workload for peak efficiency
  • Create different types of cards, allowing users to only see cards that are relevant to their work
  • Use Kanban card templates that feature predefined attributes and subtasks
  • Define custom fields that you can set as mandatory or optional

Our Kanban card board is a modern and digital representation of the classic Kanban cards that made the system famous. As a user, you get a proven and trusted productivity and efficiency system in a digital platform that adds functionality.

Many software companies are trying to capitalize on the legacy of Kanban management. Some Kanban software providers offer the tools you need, but in an interface that is difficult to master. Others offer easy-to-use software that lacks the tools you need for maximum productivity and efficiency. Kanbanize provides the best system and Kanban cards for a simple reason: We offer a deep and powerful series of features in a user-friendly interface that allows for fast adoption.

Choose Kanbanize and enjoy a boost in productivity up to 300 percent. If you’d like to try our Kanban cards, take advantage of a free trial that features 1,000 free events. You’ll quickly discover the advantages and benefits that Kanbanize can provide teams and companies of any size.

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