Kanban Boards

Kanbanize is a powerful and user-friendly platform that boosts your business with the help of tons of dynamic features.
Visualize your activity, gather valuable information about your business and boost your productivity.
The Kanban board is the most effective way to visualize your workflow and enable your team to gain control over what is to be done and what is currently being worked on.
  1. Visual workflow 

    Visualize your progress as you move cards across the board. The layout of our digital kanban board helps you keep a watchful eye on every stage of the various processes occurring in your account at the project, team or organization level.visual-workflow

  2. WIP limits per column, swimlane or user

    It often happens that the most experienced members of a team get swarmed with work or distracted by those who need guidance to move their own tasks forward. To prevent your key people from getting overwhelmed and to target bottlenecks, set limits on how many cards each individual can have in an account and how many cards are allowed in a column or swimlane at a given time.Kanban WIP limits

  3. Role-based access

    Our virtual Kanban board allows you to define custom roles and assign unique permissions to users by projects and boards. To grant access selectively, a member with elevated privileges in one area of the project may be simultaneously restricted in another.Kanban role-based access

  4. Flexible card views & filters

    As you populate your Kanban board, you will have to navigate different types of cards. To make sure you are seeing only what you need to, adjust which card attributes are hidden from view or use our board filter to show a selection of the cards on your board by priority, color, assignee or by searching a keyword. flexible Kanban card views

  5. Card templates

    Card templates come in handy when you need to create complex cards with predefined attributes and subtasks quickly. All types and templates function on a per project basis and you can manage them easily through your online board settings. Kanban card templates

  6. Custom fields

    Every team is different and each will have specific needs based on what they want to achieve. You can choose types for the fields (text, number, date, multi-choice, etc.) appearing in the structure of a card and make some fields mandatory for one digital board or optional for another. Custom fields are even supported in the analytics module so you can slice the charts data to show each one separately.kanban software custom fields

  7. Reminders and Follow-ups

    When you have a lot of things on your list, forgetting something seems inevitable. The subscription-based notifications system in Kanbanize lets you rest easy while we keep track of your deadlines for you. If you want to be pinged about an approaching deadline, we will send you an email with a link to the task to be followed-up.Kanban project reminders and follow-ups


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Kanbanize: Features You Need, Easy to Use

It’s a common problem: Many teams know the path forward, but they struggle to visualize the many steps and tasks they need to accomplish along the way. Kanbanize software features an online Kanban board that solves this problem. You and your team will be able to quickly analyze where a project or many projects stand, and then take action that improves both efficiency and productivity.

With so many Kanban software and digital Kanban board options, what sets Kanbanize apart from the competition? You’ll typically encounter two different types of Kanban software tools. First, you’ll find tools that are easy to use, but these tools don’t have the functionality needed to truly make an impact on your productivity and efficiency. Second, you’ll find tools that have the needed functionality, but learning to use these tools is so onerous that it takes weeks and months to master — negating any productivity benefit.

Kanbanize is different. Our software and digital Kanban boards offer both the functionality you demand and the user-friendliness needed for fast and effective integration. Rather than spending weeks or months learning how to use Kanbanize, you and your team will quickly begin enjoying the many productivity and efficiency boosting features — Kanban boards and much more.

Discover the power and intuitive design that companies across the globe use. Enjoy an obligation-free 30-day trial. It won’t take long to see the difference the right Kanban software can make.

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