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We’re a company of Kanban believers and practitioners.
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Always there to help.
Our support staff is available and ready to consult you on the most advanced topics of Kanban and process management. Thanks to our outstanding response time, you can always contact us and pick our brain.
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Full support.
Customer success is a joint venture between all of us, and issues are constantly being worked on by any one of our experts. We consistently test our product and listen to your feedback.
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Zero customer issues.
We proudly boast that we maintain zero open customer issues at all times. If you report a problem to us, we’ll have a fix ready in an average of one business day.
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Lead Customer Success Manager

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Lean and Kanban Expert

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Business Development Manager

“Not only solved our doubts quickly, but they also developed improvements that we proposed.”
Sergio Ramirez, Mave Aeronautica
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“Any conversation with them is helpful and productive because they actually know their product.”
J. Findeisen, R&D Operations Manager, BD Cato

Please try to be as specific as possible when describing your problem. If you have multiple questions in one ticket, please number them 1, 2, 3 etc. Thank you!

Kanbanize Version History
Consistently updated and constantly maintained.
Kanbanize is a living, breathing product. For the past 3+ years, we’ve strived for, and and consistently achieved releasing one major release per month, with daily fixes inbetween. Being meticulous in our craft, the releases we publish are 100% backwards compatible, and are done during the weekend with zero downtime, using staging and time zone sequencing. In case of emergencies, we offer regular backups, data loss prevention and data restores on demand. You’ll never need to worry about an update hindering your experience.
“Easy to use and can be applied across my whole organization.”
Dylan Mills, The Top Tens
“It is simple, direct and provides the expected project visibility. Besides that, the Kanbanize team is helpful and open for new ideas.”
Fernando Rubbo, Google

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