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Helping businesses worldwide navigate and enhance their workflow is our mission.


We founded BusinessMap in 2008 because we believe in the impact of productive teams. Our company is an innovative and expanding powerhouse that brings simplicity, productivity and efficiency to the way you work through our most successful product - Kanbanize. What makes our software unique is the extraordinary love of detail with which we have crafted it, our consistent desire to refine and evolve our solution, as well as the solid experience in Lean product development each member of our team contributes to the Kanbanize vision. Continuous improvement has become our integral value and helping businesses worldwide navigate and enhance their own workflow is our mission.

As we hone our skills in helping businesses progress beyond their obstacles and face their challenges, we recognize the wide application of Kanbanize as a platform in a variety of fields including but not limited to IT, Human Resources, Education, Finance and Manufacturing. We are thrilled to observe our software Kanbanize integrate quickly and effectively to help teams implement Lean principles and optimize their projects, no matter their scope or level of difficulty.


Each and every one of us represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, motivated and constantly striving for perfection. With diverse experience and skill sets we are able to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team. We are passionate about new-generation companies and how people work best.

Dimitar Karaivanov CEO



Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO and Co-founder of Kanbanize, is a Lean-thinker and a Kanban practitioner with solid background in the areas of software development and process improvement. His expertise was gained through more than 15 years of career development at companies like Johnson Controls, SAP and Software AG. Dimitar has envisioned and brought to life the idea of Kanbanize as aimed at solving problems in the way companies manage big initiatives spread across multiple teams.

Through the success of his company, he has proven that Kanban can be used for product development and not just change management activities. He is passionate about achieving extreme performance at scale and applying Lean / Kanban outside IT.

Dimitar is a keynote speaker and author of ‘Lean Software Development with Kanban’. He is an active member of the Lean / Kanban community and supporter of initiatives, which aim to promote it. You can follow Dimitar on Twitter @Dimitar_HK.

Hristo Stalev CTO



Christo Stalev, CTO and Co-founder of Kanbanize, is a top technologist and strategist in the area of high-performance web development. His career started as a web developer who quickly climbed the corporate ladder. Christo is the mastermind behind the flexible architecture of the Kanbanize platform, which integrates easily and scales to meet even the most sophisticated customer demands.

His consistency, precision and unconventional approach towards software development, in combination with the Lean and Kanban principles, allowed the team to create a product with zero open customer defects at each monthly release.

Christo is a passionate innovator, eager to make Kanbanize the easiest and most efficient way to adopt the Kanban principles by any organization.

Bisser Ivanov CCO



Bisser Ivanov, CCO and Co-founder of Kanbanize, is a Lean and Kanban practitioner with a strong background in technology and management. He has acquired 20 years of experience in the IT industry in companies such as ProSyst - Bosch Group, SAP and Software AG as a Managing Director. He was Vice Chairman at BASSCOM - the industry association of leading Bulgarian software development companies.

Bisser’s technical expertise and effective leadership skills were crucial for the development and growth of the company on an international level.

As deeply involved in IT, he is a passionate entrepreneur eager for new technologies and continuous improvement. Being motivated to finish all started activities, no matter how hard they are, he is able to understand and provide a solution to every customer situation.

Christoph Rohland Investor



Christoph Rohland is a senior executive with 30 years experience in the software industry. Over all his career he bridged the gap between business and leading edge technologies. Examples are the use of the Internet in the 90s to build and enhance SAP's three tier architecture, bringing Linux to the enterprise, building the foundation for enterprise applications in Java at SAP and implementing Lean Production methodologies for software development at SAP and Software AG.

Before joining Vix as a CTO, he was leading as Senior Vice President the webMethods R&D team at Software AG, an area of 500 people distributed across 16 locations. During his five years tenure he transformed the R&D development processes according to lean and agile principles. This gave the webMethods product line a significant boost in reliability, productivity and customer satisfaction. Further on he shaped a new architecture strategy and played a key role in the acquisition activities of Software AG.

Until then he held multiple roles at SAP AG, Walldorf over an overall time span of fourteen years. He started as developer for networking and memory management, founded the SAP LinuxLab, led the SAP Java Server Technology team and in his last years was responsible for the complete SAP NetWeaver development processes, infrastructure and deliveries as Senior Vice President NetWeaver Engineering.

Daniel Tomov Investor



Daniel Tomov is founding partner at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund and investing in some of the most promising and exciting tech startups in CEE. Daniel is also a Board Member of EBAN - The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market.

He is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria and was a Senior Associate at Arthur Andersen LLP and Investment Manager at Global Finance before engaging in entrepreneurship. In 2006 Daniel became a founding partner of Bulventures Capital Partners, advising and investing in renewable energy projects with focus on solar and wind. He is co-founder of Quantum Solar - a residential and commercial solar panel installation company.

Daniel has been involved in startups since 2000 as early stage investor and funded (in some cases bootstrapping) entrepreneurs in diverse domains ranging from software to mobile to consumer goods to renewable energy.

Vassil Terziev Investor



Vassil Terziev is a Co-founder and CEO of Telerik where he played a key role for the successful growth of the company from a startup in 2002 to a leading global provider of software solutions for businesses with 9 offices across 7 countries and over 130,000 clients, including 450 out of „Fortune 500®“ companies. Vassil is a mentor at two venture funds - LAUNCHub and Eleven and is investor in some of the most successful startups. Since 2015 he is Member of the Board of Directors at Endeavor Bulgaria.

After Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS) acquired Telerik in 2014, Vassil took the position of Chief Innovation Officer at Progress. He was responsible for the long-term growth strategy of Progress Software, the identification of new markets and the development of innovations.

In 2017 he co-founded Telerik Academy - a leading educational initiative for training software engineers in Bulgaria.

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