Kanban Case Studies

See how Kanban works in the real world. Explore first hand experience about how the Kanban method helps different teams across different industries organize their work and boost productivity.

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      Kanban for QA

      Get to know our very own Kanbanize QA team and how they use our tool on a daily basis for their quality assurance process. Let us show you the method we rely on to make sure Kanbanize is as bug-free as possible. We’ve learned a lot about doing QA with Kanban over the years and we want to share it with all of you.
      Find out what we learned over the years…

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      Map ALM Workflow on Kanban Boards

      A successful ALM implementation is one where streamlined cycles of continuous assessment between the three stages are nurtured and maintained. However, one of the main challenges of ALM is that of developing a predictable flow. Enter Kanban.
      Check out two ways to structure ALM with Kanban.

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