Pull Systems

What is the concept of Pull in Lean? In this section, you will be able to get in-depth knowledge on the topic and learn how to apply it to your advantage.


Step 1

What is a Pull System?

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What is a Pull System?
Step 2

What is a Bottleneck and How to Deal With It?

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What is bottleneck
A bad system will beat a good person every time.

– W. Edwards Deming

Step 3

Just-in-Time Production: The Path to Efficiency

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Just-in-Time Production
Step 4

Implementing a Pull System with Kanban

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Pull system with Kanban
Step 5

How to Implement a Pull System on the Portfolio Level

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Implemenet Pull System on Portfolio Level
There are three kinds of leaders. Those that tell you what to do. Those that allow you to do what you want. And Lean leaders that come down to the work and help you figure it out.

– John Shook

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