The Wastes of Lean & The Importance of Value

Lean is all about maximizing the value you produce for your customer. In this section, you will learn how to identify value and deal with the different kinds of waste in your process.


Step 1

What Is Value in Lean?

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What is Value in Lean?
Step 2

7 Wastes of Lean: How to Optimize Resources

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7 types of wastes in Lean
The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.

– Shigeo Shingo

Step 3

What is Mura and Why You Need to Remove It?

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Mura - the waste of unevenness.
Step 4

What is Muri and How to Deal with It?

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Step 5

What is 5S?

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What is 5S?
Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage.

– Henry Ford

Step 6

What is Cost of Delay?

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Cost of Delay
Step 7

What is Value Stream Mapping?

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Value Stream Mapping

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