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Getting Started with Kanban

Trying to get started with Kanban? Learn about the fundamentals of the Kanban method, Kanban boards and how they can help you become more efficient

Step 1

What Is Kanban?

Trying to understand what Kanban is? This overview will help you discover the...

Step 2

What Is a Kanban Board?

Get to know what a Kanban board is by discovering the basics and the details...

Step 3

What Is a Kanban Card?

A Kanban card is a core element of the Kanban method. The card visualizes...

Step 4

What Is a WIP Limit?

Learn why employing Kanban WIP limits is of such an importance and discover...

Step 5

Prioritizing Tasks with Kanban

Prioritizing work tasks is always a challenge. Learn different ways of...

Step 6

Kanban Encyclopedia

The Kanban world is vast and diverse. Ever wondered how so many terms and...

Step 7

Kanban Classes of Service

Kanban Classes of Service is a highly configurable, versatile tool for...

Step 8

Service Delivery Reviews /Kanban Retrospectives/

Learn how to conduct a retrospective in Kanban style. See how to inspect your...

Step 9

Kanban Replenishment

Committing to work in Kanban is known as Kanban Replenishment. Check out our...

Step 10

Practice Kanban with Kanbanize

A quick Step-by-Step tutorial that will help you get started with Kanban and...