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      The Rise of Kanban in a Scrum World

      Until a few years ago, Scrum was considered the most efficient way of software development. In recent years, the Lean Kanban method has proven to be an even more liberal, flexible and effective way to approach modern teams. This article explores the limitations that the Scrum method might present and the right & wrong reasons for making the decision to transition to Scrumban or pure Kanban.
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      The Power of a Kanban Board

      Japan brought us sushi, anime, Nintendo, karaoke and a way of being more efficient in our work. The philosophy of Lean and the Kanban method with which it can be implemented is one of the most notable Japanese contributions to the manufacturing and, as of this decade, knowledge work industries. Find out how to set up a Kanban board for your team and the benefits you can expect in the short & long term.
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      Optimizing efficiency? Forget Multitasking!

      The reality of modern business requires companies to be not just effective but also efficient in everything they undertake. Reaching optimal efficiency in any process is difficult, and among the main reasons for this is the habit of multitasking. Understanding why it drags down productivity and finding a way to get rid of multitasking altogether will enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency without investing a fortune in additional personnel.
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      Upgrade your Physical Kanban Board by Taking it Online

      Implementing a physical Kanban board with sticky notes is a great way to get familiar with Kanban. Take your physical board to the next level with flexible Kanban Apps. Digital Kanban apps provide teams with more flexibility and additional functionalities that can maximize the effect of the method in the long run.
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      Implementing Shared Leadership with Kanban

      Leadership models are getting flatter as the continuous nature of business development requires organizations to adopt new ways to advance ahead of their competitors. The Kanban method can help organizations move away from the hierarchical leadership model to make way for shared leadership in order to optimize resources.
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      The Sweet Spot Between Personal & Process Efficiency

      The key to keeping the pace and competitive advantage in an increasingly busy and rivaling modern market is achieving optimal efficiency on the personal and process level within the organization. Applying the Kanban method, coupled with the Lean principles upon which it is based, will help individuals and entire teams aim to cultivate a waste-free environment operating through a predictable workflow.
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      Six Experts on Turning Data into Value

      This month, we asked decision-makers and project managers from the fields of ecommerce, software vending and consulting to share their thoughts on turning data into value and tell us how they use data and analytics to make better decisions. They all agree that intelligent use of data analysis is the key to extracting its value.
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